Log & Guard system

QC monitoring and alert system

Securing quality and eliminating risks

Description A comprehensive solution for 24/7 real-time monitoring, documentation & warning including sensors cover all critical parameters in the IVF lab

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14840/0213 B:safe
  • Description: A 24/7 monitoring trolley for liquid nitrogen storage tanks
14840/0000 Log&Guard™ Controller
  • Description: For permanent monitoring and alarming.
14840/0200 Log&Guard™ Temperature logger, starter kit
  • Description: For conventional incubators, fridges, freezers including signal converter.
14840/0404 Log&Guard™ Logger for ambient temperature and humidity
  • Description: For ambient temperature and humidity.
14840/0300 Log&Guard™ CO2 sensor
  • Description: For CO2 monitoring.
14840/0310 Log&Guard™ O2 sensor
  • Description: For O2 monitoring.
14840/0406 Log&Guard™ VoC sensor
  • Description: For monitoring of VOC.
14840/0407 Replacement detector for VoC sensor
  • Description: For annual service of VOC sensor.
28032/0082 K-systems Adaptor
  • Description: Adaptor set for K-systems G210 Plus benchtop incubator, consisting of a T-fitting and two gas sensor adapters
28032/0090 K-systems Adaptor
  • Description: Adaptor-set for K-Systems G185 ST benchtop incubator, consisting of a T- fitting and two gas sensor adapters
14840/0301 Universal Sensor for Embryo Culture
  • Description: Recommended for bench top incubators.

Boost efficiency and secure long-term success

Complying with quality requirements and regulations in an IVF lab is crucial, but takes time and effort. Log&Guard eliminates time-consuming manual procedures and eliminates the weak spots in manual monitoring. Measurements are standardised for greater reliability and human error is no longer a risk factor.


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Made for the unique challenges of IVF

Log&Guard is specifically designed to automate and standardise frequent work in the laboratory, increasing quality and freeing up time.

Log&Guard gives you automated 24/7 monitoring of all critical parameters in embryo culture and cryostorage. The system consists of a network of independent precision sensors for temperature, CO2, O2, ambient temperature, humidity and VOC, connected to a central unit that displays the readings and saves them permanently.

Powerfull controller for monitoring and warning

Packed with advanced technology yet highly compact, the controller is the brain of the Log&Guard system. A built-in backup battery ensures continuous operation even during a power failure. The onboard modem
sends notifications and alerts to your designated mobile phones.

Easy to use software program

Log&Guard operates on a web interface based software platform, easily accessible from any computer in your local network, and does not require a separate computer.

Alarm conditions and thresholds, measurement intervals and many other parameters can be set individually to perfectly adapt the monitoring network to your individual lab. Measured data can be downloaded for long term storage.

Never miss an alarm

The Log&Guard system will alert you in case any parameter is out of range. Besides acoustical and optical alerts in the lab you can also be notified by text messages on your phone.

Wireless sensor hub 

  • For wireless data transfer from incubators to the Log&Guard controller
  • Interfaces for two, CO₂ and O₂ sensors and pH Online units each
  • Two integrated temperature sensors
  • Two alarm relay inputs
  • Complete with power adapter
  • Max distance to the controller or to the next repeater 20 m
  • External dimensions: 88 x 109 x 45 mm (LxWxH)


  • For wireless data transmission 
  • For bridging larger distances (>20m) between the Log&Guard controller and a wireless sensor hub or a wireless temperature sensor
  • External dimensions 34 x 54 x 97 mm (LxWxH)

QC monitoring and alert system

Continuous monitoring of critical quality control parameters in your IVF laboratory protects embryos and puts time on your side.

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