CulturePro incubator

For excellent embryo culture, traceability and capacity

PROfessional high-end benchtop incubator

• Excellent embryo culture
• Excellent traceability
• High capacity per benchspace

Purpose For embryo culture

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16306 CulturePro incubator
  • Description: CulturePro incubator 230V
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16305 CulturePro incubator
  • Description: CulturePro incubator 100V
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16352 CulturePro dish
  • Description: CulturePro Dish
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Ease your workflow and ensure peace of mind

CulturePro is a high capacity culture incubator with low footprint and space for 15 culture dishes. Barcode labelling entry together with clear information on the screen allows easy identification of patient location and culture day status. In this way, it is easy to find the location of the patient dishes which are located in a discrete position in the instrument. This gives you a clear and simple overview that eases your workflow in the busy laboratory and minimises handling errors.

Optimised resource management all the way

Whether you are a small or large clinic, with intentions to grow your business, CulturePro is the ideal solution for you. The space-saving design is especially valuable in growing clinics where space is limited. High patient capacity, in a single chamber design greatly improves resource management. A single validation checkpoint for gas and temperature reduces time used for QC processes. Simplify QC checks with an easily accessible sampling port and intuitive validation software interface. Very low gas usage means less change of gas cylinders.

Patient traceability

A loading position with barcode identification ensures that each patient culture dish is secured in a discrete, traceable location in the instrument. No more writing on lids or sticky notes, you can easily find patient location and culture day information directly on the instrument interface.

Extremely stable incubation conditions

Gas and temperature is virtually undisturbed during handling of patient culture dishes, ensuring embryos have the best possible culture conditions.

CulturePro dish

The new CulturePro dish is specially designed for group culture preference, so that 4 embryos share a 50ul droplet. Each dish has 4 rinsing wells of 100ul each and the dish uses 1.6 ml oil overlay. Convenient handling fins ensure safe transfer of dishes minimising handling risks.






Preparation of CulturePro dishes 

Learn how to prepare and load the CulturePro dishes for the CulturePro incubator in this video.

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CulturePro incubator


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CulturePro incubator


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