Once again EmbryoGlue has been confirmed to significantly increase live birth rates

A study presented at Fertility 2017 in Edinburgh showed that clinical pregnancy rate, implantation rate and live birth rate all were significantly higher in the group having transfer with EmbryoGlue compared to control. Both groups were matched for age, previous treatment and day of transfer. Below is a summary of the study. You can also download a white paper about the mechanisms behind EmbryoGlue and more clinical data. 


EmbryoGlue is a medium developed exclusively for embryo transfer and is the only existing product with a proven implantation-enhancing effect. It has a unique combination of hyaluronan and human recombinant albumin which improves pregnancy- and implantation rates1,2,3 as well as live birth rates4,5.

It has also been suggested that the use of EmbryoGlue reduces miscarriages rates4,5. In the retrospective data analysis abbreviated below6, the clinical result strengthens previous EmbryoGlue study data and demonstrates again the beneficial effects of using EmbryoGlue as embryo transfer medium.

Material and methods

Clinical pregnancy rate (CPR), implantation rate (IR), live birth rate (LBR and miscarriage rate (MISCR) were retrospectively analysed in 234 IVF/ICSI cycles and compared against controls matched for maternal age, attempt number and day of embryo transfer (ET). Analysis was made for the whole group of patients but also for subgroups according to age (<38 years and >38) and transfer day (day 2/3 and day 5).

Results all age groups_2C.png


For all patients, the EmbryoGlue group had a significantly higher CPR, IR and LBR.
MISCR was numerically lower in the EmbryoGlue group, Fig 1.

Conclusion by authors

Clinical pregnancy rates, implantation rates and live birth rates were all significantly higher with the use of EmbryoGlue in all age groups and at differing stage of embryo development. Miscarriage rates were significantly lower, especially in patients of advanced maternal age.


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