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Vitrolife Academy provides global clinical support with external education, training and collaborations through a network of specialists and experts within the IVF field. Our commitment to knowledge sharing, education and training have never been more important. We have gathered all of our previous webinars below.

Vitrolife Studio is a collection of live presentations and practical demonstrations from previous events.

On Vitrolife Academy Educational Material you will find educational presentations, white papers, scientific summaries and much more to improve and deepen your knowledge in assisted reproduction.

Vitrolife and Igenomix live Academy Studios from ASRM 2022


Age of Antioxidants

Professor David Gardner, Group Director of ART, Scientific Innovation & Research of Virtus Health.


Endometrial Factors Matter

Dr. Carlos Simón, MD, PhD President, Carlos Simón Foundation.


Optimizing PGT-A Results & Clinic Data Analysis

Beatriz Rodriguez, PhD Regional Scientific Advisor & Account Manager.


EMBRACE Update / New Protocol for EMBRACE

Carmen Rubio, PhD VP Research & Development.


Incorporating Genomics in an IVF Program

Deirdre Zander-Fox, Associate Professor Scientific Director, Monash IVF Group.


Optimizing EndomeTRIO Results

Tiffany Stankewicz, PhD, TS (ABB) Endometrium Product Director.


Time-Lapse Implementation for Improved Workflow, Communication, and Safety

Salustiano Ribeiro, MS Senior Embryologist, Ob/Gyn, Reproductive Services.


Trophectoderm Biopsy Practical Demonstration

Tiffany Stankewicz, PhD, TS (ABB) Endometrium Product Director, and Shannon Kirkpatrick, MS, TS, ELD (ABB) Clinical & Scientific Support Specialist.


The Reproductive Potential of Low Mosaic Embryos

Lauren Staunch, MS, CGC Genetic Counselor.


Greasing the Wheels of Success in the IVF Lab: The Importance of Oil Overlay in Modern Embryo Culture

Jason Swain, PhD, HCLD Chief Laboratory Officer, President Lab Operations CCRM Fertility.




Webinar: 'The future of AI methods to automate embryo evaluation'

Watch this recorded webinar from the IVF Worldwide Online Congress, where Dr. Mikkel Fly Kragh presented new developments based on time-lapse and artificial intelligence.

This live webinar was held in April 2020.

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