Fertilisation IVF & ICSI

Enhance support and protection of gametes and embryos

Conventional IVF 

Providing a safe environment for successful fertilisation. Successful fertilisation in vitro depends on balanced nutrients in a stable temperature and pH environment.


Medium optimised for fertilisation and maintaining gamete functionality

G-IVF™ PLUS & Gx-IVF™ is part of the Vitrolife media suite and is a medium optimised for fertilisation and maintaining gamete functionality. G-IVF PLUS contains all the carbohydrates and amino acids necessary for the sperm and oocyte to obtain high fertilisation rates.

Let the oocyte and sperm begin their journey with selection of G-IVF. The same medium can be used for all sperm preparation procedures including dilution of gradient solutions, washing, sperm counts, swim-up procedures and final dilution of the sperm fraction for fertilisation.

IVF certified labware designed for you

Vitrolife Labware is designed to support you throughout the IVF workflow with products developed for each procedure. The improved design makes your way of working efficient and more reliable.

Gentle denudation before fertilisation assessment

Precision, choice and control are essential when preparing for a successful fertilisation in vitro. To minimise the risk of oocyte damage, Vitrolife offers a solution of denudation pipettes. They come in a variety of sizes, all with narrow tolerance levels, for gentle and precise denudation. The pipettes have smooth edges to ensure undamaged oocytes.

Meeting the requirements of IVF – tested for gametes and embryos

Ensure a sterile, non-cytotoxic and nonpyrogenic environment for the gametes and embryos in your dishes. Our high-quality serological and pasteur pipettes are tested for gametes and embryos to meet the requirements in your IVF laboratory. When partnering with Vitrolife, you get a certified, quality tested and safe environment for gametes and embryos.


There are many challenges in the ICSI procedure. Besides a skilled embryologist the result is also dependent on the biological material and the tools used. We are proud to have been supplying the IVF community with pipettes and media for micromanipulation since the start. Our products are the result of over 20 years development and experience. They are tested, tried and trusted by clinics worldwide.

Working for you and your results

Vitrolife reduces risks and helps secure results at every step of an ICSI procedure. Our integrated micromanipulation products work safely and consistently in your reality.

Media with safety and consistency – when the quality of every drop counts

Our media offering includes sperm and oocyte handling solutions, denudation solution and covering oil.


ICSI solution – the safe way

With Vitrolife’s ICSI solution you ensure a safe ICSI procedure, using recombinant serum albumin to reduce motiliy of the spermatozoa.

HYASE – facilitating denudation

When oocytes are placed in diluted HYASE the cumulus mass is dispersed in a few seconds and the cells can easily be removed with a denudation pipette.

Proven performance

ICSI solution and HYASE have been used clinically in ICSI procedures for many years with documented safety and efficacy.1,2

1. Tao, T. et al. Influence of group embryo culture strategies on the blastocyst development and pregnancy outcome. J Assist Reprod Genet 2013; 30, p 63-68.

2. Heindryckx, B. et al. Efficiency of assisted oocyte activation as a solution for failed intracytoplasmic sperm injection. Reproductive BioMedicine Online 2008; 17, p 662-668.

G-MOPS – stability in every drop

Ensure that pH is correct during handling and manipulation of oocytes and embryos outside the incubator with G-MOPS, a pH stable handling medium.

OVOIL – protecting your culture system

Let OVOIL protect your oocytes during ICSI. It contains 100 % paraffin oil of highest quality with proven excellent embryo development when compared to other oils.3 Leave nothing to chance. Let OVOIL protect your oocytes during ICSI and embryo culture.

3. Linck D. Ovoil. Presentation to Scientists in Reproductive Technologies (SIRT) Australia. 2008.

Precision pipettes

For better control Vitrolife’s range of pipettes give you optimal control in micromanipulation. Our pipettes are manufactured with quality assured materials that are MEA and endotoxin (LAL) tested.

ICSI and holding pipettes

With a wide variety of ICSI pipettes we provide the choices that match your needs. Our pipettes allow you to work comfortably and effectively for the best possible results.

Denudation and transfer pipettes

Minimise the risk of oocyte damage during handling with our wide selection of pipettes. All with smooth edges and different inner diameters to suit your way of working.

Inspection of all pipettes

This guarantees that our pipettes are free of particulate debris and impurities.

Measurement of critical design features

To ensure function and control when in use.

Process control at every stage of the production

From sourcing the raw materials to packaging and sterilising the final product.

IVF certified labware - ICSI dish, designed and tested for IVF

Dishes used for ICSI can be reprotoxic4 which is why we designed our own. Guarantee embryo and gamete safety with Vitrolife’s ICSI dish. The square format and low profile ICSI dish allows for easy instrument access. The dish is designed for optimal heat transfer and the bottom is in full contact with the heated stage.

4. Nijs et al. Reprotoxicity of intrauterine insemination and in vitro fertilization-embryo transfer disposables and products: a 4-year survey. Fertil & Steril 92(2):527-35, 2009.

Why you should only use IVF certified plastics

The quality of plastic equipment can be detrimental to IVF outcomes. This blog post outlines why you should only use IVF certified plastics.

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Used worldwide

Vitrolife is the first choice in thousands of IVF clinics across the world. Our media and tools touch every step of IVF to provide the highest standards of quality at all stages of the journey.

Tried, tested and trusted

Our products have been trusted from the start. Vitrolife’s pipettes and media for micromanipulation in ICSI are the result of over 20 years of experience and development.

Strict QC control

An experienced technician inspects every pipette to guarantee their mechanical integrity before release. This means that all pipettes meet the specified tolerances and that they are free from glass fragments and other residues. All pipettes are MEA- and LAL-tested.

Optimise all the way with the G-Series

Increase the chances of success at each stage of IVF. Ensure optimal conditions before, during and after culture by using the whole G-Series.All G-Series media share the same basic composition to secure viability and implantation potential. Osmolality, pH and supporting compounds are all kept constant. This foundation prevents intracellular stresses as the embryos progress through the IVF process.

Maximise success every step of the way

We provide what you need to secure improved results throughout the IVF journey.